Shared Electric Work Fleets for Universities and Colleges with a System of Resource and Location Optimization using Machine Learning

The project’s objective is to demonstrate the world’s first shared, electric work fleets with on- demand rides, tools, supplies and assets. Pilot projects will take place at several universities and colleges in Ontario. The study aims to test shared work fleets with university and college partners that have field staff (i.e., plumbers, electricians) through several pilot projects. Post- secondary school staff who participate in the pilots will switch from driving their own work vehicles with their own equipment (i.e., ladders and shop vacuums) to an “Uber-like” model where pickups and drop-off’s can be requested from smartphones. In addition to pickups and drop-offs of the technician, assets (ladders, shop vacuums) and supplies (nails, nuts and bolts, etc.) can also be picked up or dropped off and accessed via smart Bluetooth-enabled lockers in the vehicles that open by technicians pressing a button on their smartphone.

Project Partners:


HiHo Mobile


Ryerson University University of Calgary