Design and Real-Life Verification of Light-Weight Solar Anti-Idling System in Urban Transit Vehicles and Service Fleets for Reduction of GHG Emissions

This project focuses on the optimization of the system design. The main purpose is to accomplish commercialization of an “anti-idling” solution for public transit buses. Therefore, the project entails aspects of design, cost considerations, and safety concerns. A universal anti-idling solution is not possible because the pattern of idling varies with the type of vehicles as well as operating and environmental conditions. Therefore, the applicant is developing two core technologies to achieve a light-weight anti-idling system with an adaptable and modular architecture:

  1. Optimizing specifications and sizing of modular components – particularly the photovoltaic and battery pack. This achieves the maximum efficiency for delivering the proper energy and power ratings.
  2. Deploying energy management mechanisms to feed excessive energy to other loads in the optimal configuration (energy, power ratings, DC or AC).

Project Partners:


Microgreen Solar Corporation eCAMION


University of Waterloo Western University Centennial College University of Toronto