Next-Generation Integrated Battery-Based Electric Bus Charging System

In the proposed project, the consortium will develop a novel bus charging technology that is backed up by a battery energy storage system. In the proposed project, eCAMION will lead a consortium composed of two academic partners and a potential deployment partner.

The overall project query is to create a…

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Pantonium Intelligent On-Demand Transit

Since September 2018, Pantonium has provided newly developed technology to enable an intelligent on-demand bus service in Belleville, Ontario. The technology deployed to Belleville is currently an alpha version. Several new features and capabilities are slated to be added to the system based on feedback of the initial pilot as…

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Design and Real-Life Verification of Light-Weight Solar Anti-Idling System in Urban Transit Vehicles and Service Fleets for Reduction of GHG Emissions

This project focuses on the optimization of the system design. The main purpose is to accomplish commercialization of an “anti-idling” solution for public transit buses. Therefore, the project entails aspects of design, cost considerations, and safety concerns. A universal anti-idling solution is not possible because the pattern of idling varies…

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Electric Vehicle Enclave (EVE) Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration Pilot

The Electric Vehicle Enclave (EVE) Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstration Pilot is a state-of-the-art project showcasing infrastructure-based autonomy in a complex residential environment. This project is designed to tackle some of the key challenges for autonomous vehicle penetration. Today’s state-of-the-art in autonomous vehicles is highly limited to highway driving and is…

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Integrated Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Systems Analysis: Route Optimization, Fuel Consumption, Powertrain Performance, and Economic Feasibility Analysis & Techno-Economic Predictive Analysis

In this project, an integrated vehicle system analyses of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) (transit buses) will be conducted. There are module specific, independent, third party principal applicants involved in this project to ensure neutrality of the research and accounting procedures. The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) will serve…

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Development of Low-Cost, High Performing and Durable PEM Fuel Cells (Phase I)

Urban transit emissions have the highest impact environmentally and socially, especially on the health hazard of the urban population. This study focuses on zero-emission fuel cell technology that can be used in: fuel-cell power/propulsion systems; battery electric power/propulsion systems with fuel cell as ranger extenders; and electric power/propulsion systems with…

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Pan-Canadian Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption, State of Charge, & Vehicle Simulation Modelling for Heavy Duty Powertrain Systems and High-Powered Charging

A simulation tool was developed to support electric-bus deployment projects by predicting operational benefits, total CO2e savings, and charging requirements. The model is based on the original code developed via collaborations through the Pan-Canadian Electric Bus demonstration & Integration Trial: Phase I. The main inputs of the model include physical characteristics of the…

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Pre-commercialization Development Project of Induction Heated Catalyst (IHC)

Electrically heated catalysts constitute a universally applicable tool for temperature management in the exhaust after treatment system. Not only does it significantly increase the effectiveness of exhaust after treatment (reduction in HC, CO, and NOx, exhaust emissions), but it also offers potential for CO2 reduction at the same time, therefore…

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