Marianne Neuper

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Marianne has 15+ years of expertise in directing the financial and accounting activities for private and publicly traded companies in a range of industries and company structures. With experience in both small ($5M) to large ($500M+) companies, she helps CEOs and owners generate more cash and time to run their companies.

Marianne focuses on building trust with CEOs and owners. She partners with them to convert their strategic visions into productive and growth building initiatives. Marianne rapidly assesses a situation and identifies quick wins and long-term opportunities to maximize the value of their company, while mitigating risk. She rolls up her sleeves and collaboratively customizes a sustainable plan to improve the company’s financial health.

Her experience includes working with owners and executives across all business lines to help them to see the bigger financial picture including all elements that support a positive cash flow. She speaks your language about your operations and translates numbers into something that supports you in reaching your operational goals. Marianne is a firm believer in solving challenging areas through group buy-in to achieve better profitability.

Marianne holds a Finance and Accounting Bachelor’s degree from the University of Applied Sciences in Austria and is a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Canadian Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Marianne is based in Toronto, Canada.