Emmanuelle Toussaint – Nova Bus

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Emmanuelle Toussaint started in 2013 as Corporate Legal Counsel and as such was part of the Prevost and Nova Bus Management Teams. She worked for Volvo Bus Corporation in Sweden in 2015 before to be appointed Vice-President Legal of Prevost and Nova Bus. Emmanuelle has taken the additional responsibility of Public Affairs, including communication and regulatory affairs, in March 2016. She is an officer and a member of the Board of Directors of Volvo Group Canada Inc. and of Prevost Car (US) Inc. Emmanuelle has 20 years of experience in legal affairs and has extensive experience in management and administration. Prior to joining Volvo, she has been one of the Directors in the legal department of the City of Quebec and worked previously in different companies in the medical, aerospace, software and university fields, where she hold a variety of legal, regulatory affairs and sales operations roles. She is a member of the Quebec Bar Association and holds a bachelor degree in law and a certification in administration from Universite Laval.