Aniket Basu

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MEng – Mechanical Engineering, Ryerson University

BE – Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology of Madhya Pradesh

Aniket Basu is the Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Simulation Modeller at CUTRIC. As an integral member of CUTRIC’s research team, he is responsible for tasks related to energy consumption modelling, duty cycle generation, and empirical data analysis to support projects using the RoutΣ.i Modelling Tool.

Previously, Mr. Basu has worked as a research and development engineer. He was responsible for combustion hardware selection, engine calibration and testing, system validation, on-board diagnostics (OBD), and after-sales field support for common rail diesel engines. He has experience in valvetrain modelling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), engine development for emission compliance, and has published papers and co-authored chapters for scientific publications such as the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and SpringerLink.

Mr. Basu is currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.