Academic Members access outputs of cutting-edge research funded and launched from 2016-Present in the field of low carbon smart mobility at more than a dozen universities and colleges across Canada through CUTRIC’s National Academic Advisory Committees (NAACs).

Access to funding for research projects in low-carbon smart mobility through CUTRIC-MITACS funding arrangements in support of low-carbon smart mobility innovation.

Specific Benefits include:

  • Access to CUTRIC’s National Academic Advisory Committee’s (NAACs) aligned with CUTRIC’s pan-Canadian commercialization projects in electric bus, hydrogen fuel cell bus and smart vehicles innovation across Canada
    • CUTRIC NAACs were established to centralize and pool top academic research occurring in Canada in low-carbon smart mobility towards the 2020-2021 goal of launching national Centres of Excellence in the three distinct fields of (1) electric buses and electric charging infrastructure; (2) heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and fuelling infrastructure; and (3) autonomous and connected vehicles and infrastructure for connected vehicles
    • Access to CUTRIC-MITACS co-funded research and training internships and research fellowships that support the training of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) by providing direct access to CUTRIC’s Industry, Transit and Utility members in project work that is co-published with academic partners leading to IP that is commercialized by CUTRIC’s consortium
  • Access to data from commercialization projects, including (in some cases) real-time streamed data from vehicles or charging systems
  • Receipt of up-to-date and dynamic education on new technologies and trends within the low carbon smart mobility industry
  • Support for applications and receipt of Letters of Support from CUTRIC for funding for research bids to federal and provincial funding programs by Academic Members
  • Access to CUTRIC conference, workshops and webinar opportunities to showcase research capabilities and research outcomes to CUTRIC’s national consortium of Members
  • Access to networking opportunities to CUTRIC Members at national and local technical and policy-focused events organized regularly by CUTRIC 
  • Access to CUTRIC’s detailed Membership Directory with Member Designate contact information across the CUTRIC national consortium

Membership Rate