National Power Providers Transit Electrification Working Group

Initiative Summary:

The Power Providers Working Group for Transit Electrification is trying to establish a systematic national dialogue reviewing and assessing the opportunities, challenges and solutions associated with the growing role for utilities across Canada with regards to electrification of transportation, including electric vehicle supply equipment for both high-powered and low-powered electric transit systems, as well as hydrogen fuel cell electric transit systems.

The working group will learn about the latest technology innovations related to electric bus and fuel cell electric bus technologies, including integrated energy storage systems, while exploring utility business models that may work within certain jurisdictions or under specific conditions to enable utility business development in this space.

The working group will produce a set of recommendations that achieve unanimity of support by designated voting representatives of CUTRIC member utility organizations, and allied organizations working within the electricity marketplace.

The group will discuss related technologies, such as:

  • High-powered and low-powered charging systems.
  • Energy storage integration at the site of transit stations and garages in support of charging systems.
  • Communications standardization between e-buses, e-chargers and grid operators.
  • Cybersecurity standardization across e-buses, e-chargers and grid operators.
  • Hydrogen on-site generating systems; smart electrolysis system that generates hydrogen using electricity overnight.
  • Other topics as relevant due to industry developments in real-time.

Also, the group will discuss related policies:

  • Development of a new tariff structure to address high or inhibitive demand charge structures that offset the cost benefits of electrification in some communities.
  • Development of new low-cost flat rate programs for transit system operational predictability.
  • Assessment of potential carbon credit offset opportunities based on engagement in   ubiquitous electric transit initiatives with energy storage and renewables integration leading to transportation emissions reduction.
  • Other topics as relevant due to industry developments in real-time.

Initiative Lead:

Josipa Petrunic: josipa.petrunic[at]