Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared (ACES) Big Data Trust

The short: The first initiative of its kind in North America proposes to create a legally-sound and cyber-secure digital resource for transit agencies to collect, analyze, optimize and share the data and intellectual property (IP) needed to plan, procure, deploy, operate and maintain low carbon and zero-emission transit technologies in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. 

The long: Transit electrification, which is technologically mature yet lacks science-based empirical data to justify the costs and risks of implementation, is ideally positioned to benefit from a Trust like ACES. As well as leveraging CUTRIC’s unique analytical skills and expertise, it provides a secure resource that protects the interests of data providers.

ACES is made up of three principal components: A network for gathering operational data from low-carbon and zero-emission technologies used by public transit systems; a cloud-based and cyber-secured digital repository for localized data and IP; and a Trust that facilitates data stewardship among data owners and consumers, as well as other stakeholders and beneficiaries. Over the course of ACES Phase 1, CUTRIC’s team of analysts will create the Trust and coordinate and manage the data flowing into it. CUTRIC will also establish a formal governance structure with a Board of Directors to oversee ACES management and ensure full transparency, accountability and regulation.

Phase 2 will involve the development, coordination and support of data-driven projects that use raw data and CUTRIC’s analytics capabilities to optimize zero-emission transit projects in real-time while reducing end-to-end deployment costs.

The future: CUTRIC members such as the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Thales Group have already described zero-emission transit projects that would benefit greatly from ACES. CUTRIC expects ACES to support dozens of projects over its first five years. Beyond the transition to zero-emission transit, the trust’s anonymized and aggregated data will be leveraged and enhanced to develop low-carbon smart-mobility IP that will form the digital backbone of smart cities.

At a time when the world is looking for technologies that positively impact the environment, ACES enables Canadian transit agencies of all sizes, mobility systems, utilities, and all levels of government to play leadership roles in expediting tech transformation at a large scale.

For more information, please contact Michele Davies at [email protected].

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