Titash Choudhury

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M.A – Anthropology (University of Alberta)

M.A – Ecology Environment, and Sustainable Development, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Hon. B.Sc – Microbiology, West Bengal State University 

Titash Choudhury, the Social Scientist – Low Carbon Smart Mobility is responsible for CUTRIC’s social science research. As part of the ZEB Consulting Services™ team, she also undertakes research for CUTRIC’s  members and clients to understand the social impact of transit electrification in Canada.

Ms. Choudhury has worked in various sectors like Energy, Environment, Wildlife, Mental Health and Education. Prior to CUTRIC, she worked as a researcher with the Alberta Native Friendship Centres Association to solve the existing issues faced by urban Indigenous people in Canada.

Ms. Choudhury has a Masters in Anthropology from the University of Alberta, and a Masters in Ecology and Sustainable Development from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India.

Titash Choudhury is currently based in Edmonton, Alberta.