Dr. Elnaz Abotalebi

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PhD – Transportation Planning & Modelling , McMaster University

MUP – Urban Planning, University at Buffalo, United States

Elnaz Abotalebi is the Research Scientist with CUTRIC, based in Toronto Office. In this role, she examines automated and connected smart vehicle performance for first mile-last mile to promote transit ridership across Canada. She also explores the total cost of ownership models for electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses, and develops prediction models for CUTRIC’s transit agency clients. Her general expertise lies in the areas of sustainable and active transportation, emerging technologies, data analysis, discrete choice modelling, survey design, travel demand forecasting, and policy recommendation for transportation and transit projects.

Prior to CUTRIC, Elnaz was a researcher at McMaster University with a focus on understanding the preferences and suitability of households for electric vehicle adoption using statistical modelling, and came up with decision-making results to accelerate the adoption rate of electric vehicles in Canada. Elnaz received her PhD degree in Transportation Planning & Modelling from McMaster University and her Master degree in Urban Planning with specialization in GIS and Spatial Modelling from University at Buffalo, United States.