Dr. Yutian Zhao

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PhD – Chemical Engineering, Queen’s University

B.Eng. – Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University

Yutian Zhao is the Modeling and Data Science Researcher with CUTRIC, based in Kingston. In this role, Yutian is responsible for managing tasks for CUTRIC’s research team, developing electric bus powertrain models (e.g. Rout????.i), and performing data analysis. Yutian has 9 years of experience in developing mathematical models for a wide range of systems, including buses, duty cycles and polymerization. He has implemented Monte Carlo methods, method of moments, energy balances, and machine learning models in Python, MATLAB and Visual Basic. 

Prior to CUTRIC, Yutian worked two years as a postdoctoral researcher at Queen’s University where he also received his PhD from the department of Chemical Engineering. Yutian obtained his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Zhejiang University (China).