Dr. Josipa Petrunic, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) released the following statement related to the Government of Canada’s Hydrogen Strategy for Canada.

CUTRIC, the non-profit responsible for the development and commercialization of low-carbon transit technologies, welcomes the Government of Canada’s Hydrogen Strategy for Canada – a critical framework for electrifying our transit systems and reaching Canada’s net-zero emissions target by 2050. Public transit is a fundamental application of hydrogen technologies and to realize its potential it requires dedicated government investment so our communities can benefit from them quickly.

The development and adoption of zero-emission technologies, including hydrogen fuel cell electric buses, will help improve the environment while creating jobs just when we need them most. There are shovel-ready hydrogen technology projects right here in Canada, such as CUTRIC’s Pan-Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Integration and Demonstration Trial in Mississauga, which demonstrates the feasibility of Canadian-made innovative technologies on Canadian soil. CUTRIC, our members, and all our industry partners are ready to work with the government to launch innovative hydrogen projects and establish Canada as a global leader in clean technology.

Governments across jurisdictions need to work together, and provide the adequate resources, to further establish Canada as a global leader and scale these projects to every public transit system. This collaboration already exists across industry, as evident with a new Memorandum of Understanding signed yesterday between CUTRIC and the CHFCA to accelerate the advancement of next-generation zero-carbon mobility and transportation solutions across Canada.

We welcome the government’s leadership and look forward to working together to position Canada as a global, industrial leader of clean renewable fuels.