The 2nd Canadian Low Carbon Smart Mobility Conference is going digital!

Like many organizations, our central concern is the health and well-being of our staff and many supporters. We know that this Conference provides much-needed discussion and collaboration on key topics facing the transit industry. In order to continue with this important work while maintaining everyone’s health and safety, we will be offering our conference in a digital format this year! We know this is the best way we can continue to provide value and support the low-carbon smart mobility innovation sector.

We are excited and committed to continue to deliver premium content and a high-quality experience for all participants.

Given the economic difficulties facing many of us at this time, we are also using this as an opportunity to make this Conference more accessible by lowering registration fees for all participants. Registration will open Tuesday, April 21, 2020 and will be made available from our website.

If you have already purchased a ticket, we will be contacting you this week. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Adriana Shu-Yin at <[email protected]>.

About the Conference

Don’t miss this phenomenal learning and networking opportunity that will allow technology innovators, cities, transit systems, utilities, research organizations and manufacturers to gain insight into the most cutting edge technology developments and innovation relating to the transportation sector. 

As the leading conference in zero emission transit and smart mobility, we aim to educate and mobilize industry champions, policy makers, planners, and integrators who are keen to partake in the best technology learning experience in the country in low and zero emission transportation solutions, smart mobility technology applications, and big data sharing and analysis.

Conference Keynotes

Specific topics include:

1) Getting to zero emissions with battery. Battery electric bus deployments and experiences across Canada, U.S. and Europe

Leadership in battery electric bus (BEB) fleet deployments, charging systems integration, and energy storage optimization across transit and coach bus fleets for zero-emissions fleet operations across North America and Europe in 2020.  

2) Getting to zero with hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cell electric bus deployments and experiences across Canada, US and Europe

Leadership in hydrogen fuel cell electric bus (FCEB) fleet deployments and fuelling systems integration across transit, coach bus fleets and rail for zero-emissions fleet operations across North America and Europe in 2020.  

3) Getting smart and smarter. First-kilometre/last-kilometre CAV mobility solutions for cities

Leadership in connected and autonomous mobility solutions for first kilometre/last kilometre challenge routes to enable integrated city mobility systems across North America and Europe in 2020  

4) Big data means better mobility. Collecting, analyzing and creating artificially intelligent data solutions in real-time for transit and public fleets

Leadership in cross-jurisdictional real-time data collection, analysis and machine-based solution building that supports optimized, low-carbon smart mobility deployments across North America and Europe in 2020

Date: June 17th – 19th, 2020

Location: Digital

If you are a member of the media please reach out to Elysa Darling at [email protected]

Sponsorship Opportunities coming soon!