Zero-Emission Bus Simulation GIS Technician

Position Overview

The Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) is currently seeking to hire a Zero-Emission Bus GIS Technician to work with our dynamic research team involved in ZEB performance modelling to aid cities and transit agencies across Canada and the US plan their fleet electrification.

About CUTRIC’s Culture

CUTRIC is a highly dynamic and fast-paced innovation consortium focusing on technology championship. Despite being a not-for-profit, the team culture operates along the lines of a fast-paced (frequently high-pressure) start-up technology company.

CUTRIC team members are interdisciplinary, widely knowledgeable, science- and technology-driven, and passionate about the environment and mobility innovation.

CUTRIC welcomes and supports diversity in the workplace because we believe it makes us stronger and smarter. Candidates with diverse experiences and backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Role Summary

The Zero-Emission Bus Simulation GIS Technician will grow to be an integral team member of CUTRIC’s research team.

The Zero-Emission Bus Simulation GIS Technician will need to become familiar with all CUTRIC’s modelling projects in low-carbon smart mobility sector in North America.

The Zero-Emission Bus Simulation GIS Technician will liaise with CUTRIC team members across Canada, in English, to undertake project activities as required.

The Zero-Emission Bus Simulation GIS Technician will be expected to communicate openly, regularly, professionally, and transparently with colleagues and external stakeholders on a regular basis to develop positive member and stakeholder relations over the long-term.

Role & Responsibilities

The Zero-Emission Bus Simulation GIS Technician will be expected to carry out the following tasks in a highly independent, accountable, professional, and responsible manner.

1. Ensure completion of predictive modelling related GIS analyses involving route-based, block-based and vehicle-based modelling generating outputs including, but not limited to route profiles integrating non-revenue and revenue distances, feasibility outcomes and charger cluster analyses.

2. Ensure completion of deliverables and contracted requirements per project using best practices in project management.

a) Perform robust and in-depth literature reviews as required to aid the modelling projects that RoutΣ.i™ team undertakes and prepare outputs at the highest level of professional writing.

3. Creatively utilize robust GIS skills and expertise to identify and effectively mend data gaps to best serve client and corporate interests.

4. Coordinate with the modelling team to prepare deliverables ensuring accuracy and timeliness, including impeccable English prose in written report submission.

5. Prepare reports and presentations per the needs of the project and work with the team to ensure client-ready products are delivered to the ZEB Project Manager for review and reporting to the C.E.O and client

6. Support the positive branding and reputational growth of CUTRIC nationally and internationally.

Critical Skills, Competencies and Educational Requirements

The Zero-Emission Bus Simulation GIS Technician be expected to have the following skills, competencies, and educational achievements:


1. Fluent English language skills required in written and spoken form.

a. Fluency in French is considered a highly valuable asset.

2. Demonstration of a high-level of attention to detail and precision.

3. Demonstration of a high-level of commitment to professionalism in written, verbal and in-person contexts.

4. Demonstration of a high-level of commitment to confidentiality and non-disclosure respect for the concept of privacy within a corporation.

5. At least two (2) to three (3) years of full-time work experience in GIS analysis/modelling relating to vehicle performance

6. Demonstration of good knowledge and experience in working with geo-locational data in open-source GIS software as well as ArcGIS

7. Demonstration of experience working with transit data (i.e. GTFS, HASTUS, Trapeze) and the ability to extract necessary information from them.

8. Experiential knowledge in building automated models in Modelbuilder in ArcGIS or/and geographical model in QGIS

9. Excellent knowledge of SQL queries and its application to geo datasets to relate, connect, and extract desired information

10. Minimum Bachelor’s or College degree in Urban Planning, Architecture or allied field with a desired knowledge of computer coding using Python.

11. Demonstration of a high-level of competency with audio-visual technologies and technical as well as communications software (e.g. GitHub or Zoom Communications tools) with an ability to troubleshoot in real-time during multi-stakeholder meetings.

12. Strong teamwork ethic.

a. Commitment to working with team members locally and digitally across the country.

13. High degree of adaptability to work under pressure in a dynamic work environment

14. A positive attitude and willingness to think creatively and innovatively to resolve problems and overcome challenges.

15. A leadership mindset and proactive dynamism in problem-solving.

16. A strong focus on time efficiency and waste reduction (in time and resources) to achieve deliverables.

17. Demonstrated commitment to climate change action and an interest in sustainability in transportation.

18. Expressed interest in working in a small company with a highly diverse workplace – including gender, racial and religious diversity.

19. Evidence of an interest in lifelong learning

20. Demonstrated interest in acquiring project management knowledge


1. Evidence of experience working within a small to mid-sized business/enterprise environment.

2. Evidence of an ability to juggle several files at once in a highly organized and competent fashion.

3. Evidence of commitment to documenting actions and documenting follow through commitments and deliverable completion.

4. Evidence of a committed work ethic and the pursuit of excellence in professional or personal life.


CUTRIC’s team has always been highly digital in nature.

Due to COVID19, CUTRIC has made the decision to work remotely and support work-from-home arrangements with all employees until December 2022 at least. The only exception to this rule may be bi-annual CUTRIC staff professional development “retreats”, which may require travel to Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver when it is safe to do so.

Therefore, the Zero-Emission Bus Simulation GIS Technician may be located anywhere in Canada as long as the candidate has continual or reasonably frequent access to high fidelity internet as 100 per cent of CUTRIC’s daily business activities are carried out digitally – including video-based digital meetings, which require high fidelity Wi-Fi.

Salary Range

$60,000-$65,000 depending on education, experience, and aptitude


Thursday, May 19th, 2022 (11:55PM EST)

How to apply?

Apply online.

Candidates must ensure their Cover Letter refers to this specific job posting, and that it addresses the “Minimal” skills listed above. Cover Letters should not be more than two pages single spaced (or 600 words maximum).

Candidates must ensure their curriculum vitae/resume and cover letter both demonstrate how the candidate meets the minimum skills and competencies required for this position.

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